2015: Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Leeds College Of Art

Selected EXHIBITION history:
2021: The House Of Smalls, “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”
2021: The Tetley, “The Outliers” (PANIC! Network Bursary)
2021: The House Of Smalls, “This Volatile State
2021: Yellow Edge Gallery, “Shape & Patterns In Creativity” Gosport, UK.
2021: The House Of Smalls, “The Time Of Her Life
2021: Pyramid Of Arts, ‘Pyramid Open 2021
2021: The House Of Smalls, "The Portrait Within"
2020: The House Of Smalls, “Facing It
2020: “Possible All Along
2020: Fronteer Gallery, “All Shall Pass” Sheffield, UK.
2020: Arts & Minds Annual Exhibition "Change Is Gonna Come"
2019: 3rd on 3rd Gallery, “The Mechanical Circus” Jamestown, NY. USA.
2019: Vögele Kultur Zentrum, ‘Sleep Tight/Schlaf Gut” Pfäffikon, Switzerland.
2018: Aire Place Studios, “In Progress” Leeds, UK. (Solo show)
2018: Museum of Australian Democracy, “The UDHR Quilt Project” Canberra, Australia.
2018: Abbey House Museum, “A Woman’s Place” Leeds, UK.
2017: Wharf Chambers, “Girls Make Art #2: Reclaiming Pink” Leeds, UK.
2017: The Old Red Bus Station, “Framework” Leeds, UK.
2017: Sela Bar, “A Damn Fine Art Show” Leeds UK.
2016: Fuller Craft Museum, “CounterCraft: Voices Of The Indie Craft Community” Brockton, MA, USA.
2015: Leeds Beckett University, “Young Minds Matter” Leeds, UK.
2015: Leeds College of Art “Going, Going, Gone” Leeds, UK.

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2021: Develop Your Creative Practice, Arts Council England.
2021: PANIC! Network Bursary, The Tetley.
2021: Outside In Artist Residency, The Art House, Wakefield, UK.

2019: Abbey House Museum, “He, She, They?” Leeds, UK.
2018: Left Bank Leeds, “People Of Left Bank” Leeds, UK.
2018: Abbey House Museum, “Remembrance” Leeds, UK.
2018: Abbey House Museum, “A Woman’s Place” Leeds, UK.
2017: Abbey House Museum, “Comics Unmasked” Leeds, UK.

“My Body, My Business” Leeds Museums & Galleries, Leeds, UK. Donated 2018.
“Girls Just Wanna” Leeds Museums & Galleries, Leeds, UK. Donated 2018.
Work held in private collections in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

2021: Board Of Trustees, Shape Arts
2021: Artist Ambassador, Outside In

2021: DISrupt (founding member)
2020: Outside In
2019: The Society For Embroidered Work
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